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Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground Source Cheshire

Ground source heat pumps simply extract the energy from the ground and turn it into heat and in some cases, hot water for your home. Thus the energy of the sun that has been absorbed by the earth is the source of an environmentally friendly, low cost heating and hot water system.

Although this technology is relatively new to the UK, it is well proven in Northern Europe.

A ground loop is buried in a trench in the garden, or boreholes are drilled into the ground to absorb the heat. This is extracted by the heat pump and then transferred to under floor heating or radiators for space heating and in some cases to water storage for hot water supply.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

It is designed to be the sole source of heating and hot water in the well-insulated home. It uses sustainable energy, with no direct emissions or damage to the environment.

The pumps bring together the power of the sun and the earth: a perfect relationship. Heat pumps are very energy efficient as they consume very little energy (usually as electricity) in order to deliver three or four times as much energy as heat.

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